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Audible Gold

Download Audio Books for iPod or MP3 Player

1 audio book for $7.49 each month
Audible Gold Audio Book Club is the easiest way to download the latest audio books for your iPod or other audio player. In addition to books, Audible allows Gold members to download digital versions of newspapers, magazines, and more. Get all your favorite news, novels, and nonfiction in convenient digital format!
Initial Cost Shipping & Handling Savings Means of Payment Sales Tax
$7.49 No shipping for audio books When you join Audible Gold, you'll save over $85 off the price of buying books individually from Audible. That's a savings of over $14 per book. n/a State and local sales tax
People who enjoy listening to books more than reading them or just have no time for reading can find a diversity of digital audio books, audio magazines and newspapers and a lot more at Audible book clubs. Join audio book club today and download the latest audiobooks for your computer, MP3 player, iPod, or PDA at low cost.
Name Intro Offer Initial Cost Shipping & Handling Commitment
Audible Platinum

Join Now
Free trial and 2 free audiobooks 14-day FREE trial! No shipping for audio books. No commitment necessary. Cancel within 14 days if you do not wish to subscribe

Buy Audiobooks as Audio Book Club Member

Join the millions of audio listeners online and enjoy listening to books of your favorite genre of literature while you are driving an auto, keeping house or working in the garden. As a member you can buy audiobooks you like most and enjoy up to 75% off retail price. Moreover, you will be offered exclusive promotions and free audio available to Audible members. Whether you are fond of arts & entertainment, classics, history, or biographies and memoirs of outstanding people, you can find downloadable audio books to your taste. If you are also interested in such recordings as live broadcasts, various radio shows, or concerts, they are also available to you.

Downloadable Audio Books

Audio books enable you to listen to your favorite or new stories anywhere and anytime you want. Browse audio book clubs to find the best buy titles and enjoy the convenience of immediate downloads as there is no shipping. Just download desirable audio books and listen to them whenever you want. All in all, being Audible member, you can get audio versions of the most popular titles by outstanding authors, magazines, radio or TV programming and enjoy great savings and extra downloads. Sign up today and get useful knowledge and information without paying tidy sums.
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