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Louis L'Amour Collection Book Club introduces to all western book readers the exclusive set of adventure stories by Louis L'Amour. The collection includes 90 of his western novels, 31 of his short adventure stories, 2 works of nonfiction and memoir. These breathtaking novels about the Old West will definitely stir your emotions and imagination. Use the exclusive opportunity to get the whole collection at 30% off.

Collect and Read Louis L'Amour's Western Novels

Get the first 15-day trial of a western novel by Louis L'Amour to start your collection. With your first order you will also receive a free set of Louis Lamour playing cards. Even if you are not satisfied with the book and return it, you still get to keep the cards. With Louis L'Amour Collection you always have the choice to keep only those books that you want! Ensure yourself good reading times with great adventure stories! Get the complete set of Louis L'Amour western books!

Louis L'Amour and Western Fiction

Louis L'Amour's western novels and adventure stories are loved by many and remain popular today. Whenever people start talking about western books, his name is sure to come up. He was awarded several times. His works were reprinted multiple times. More than 40 of his books were adapted into movies. Join Louis L'Amour Collection Book Club and enjoy his famous western novels or "Frontier Stories" as he himself liked to call them.
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